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I teach graduate and undergraduate courses including International Human Rights Law, Law and Human Rights, International Law, Comparative Law, Public Law, Violence and Institutions, Concept of Justice, Global Democracy and Social Justice, Global Perspectives on Democracy, Development Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, U.S. Government, and U.S. Constitution.


In recognition of my innovative teaching, I received an award for "outstanding teaching" from American University. I received a letter of commendation from the provost and was nominated for the University Teaching Excellence Award at George Mason University. I was twice awarded a fellowship and grant for teaching innovation from the College of William & Mary University Teaching and Learning Project.


157 of my students have published their coursework as part of the engaged pedagogy in my classroom, publishing in Harvard Law School's Harvard Human Rights Journal Online, Wilson CenterUniversity of Oxford Faculty of Law's Oxford Human Rights HubOxford University Politics BlogE-International Relations, Intersect: The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and Society (indexed in Google Scholar), Devex's Inside Development, UNICEF's Voices of Youth, and The Washington Times, among others.

6 human rights reports have been authored by my students as assignments in my courses that make real-world interventions. The reports have been cited by the UN Human Rights Council and Australian Human Rights Commission.

      • Report on democratic control of AI cited 5 times by the Australian Human Rights Commission in its report on human rights and technology.

      • Report on AI and privacy cited 3 times in UN Human Rights Council report (A/HRC/46/37).

      • Report on right to housing cited 2 times in UN Human Rights Council report (A/HRC/56/61/Add.3).

      • Report on digital technologies in the administration of justice submitted to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to inform the UN Secretary-General's report to the UN General Assembly  (UNGA), pursuant to UNGA resolution A/RES/77/219.

      • Report on the centrality of care and support for ongoing COVID-19 impacts submitted to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to inform the UN expert workshop and UN High Commissioner's report to the Human Rights Council (HRC), pursuant to HRC resolution 54/6.

      • Report on violence against women submitted to UN special rapporteur on violence against women.

Student publications from my courses are listed below as useful examples for current students.

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